Can You Get an iPhone XR Back Glass Replacement?

Aug 30, 202316810 Views

No matter how dearly you hold your beloved iPhone XR, accidents are bound to happen. Your phone could have slipped out of your pocket, landing face-first on the rock-hard pavement. Or perhaps you bumped into someone while using your phone, causing your grip on it to loosen. No matter the cause, seeing the cracked screen […]

How Much Does it Cost to Fix The Screen on an iPhone X?

Aug 15, 20231000 Views

There’s no scarier feeling in the world than dropping your brand-new iPhone X, screen first, on a cold, hard floor. You might feel like your heart is caving in, the fear and uncertainty taking over. After all, there is a lot that can go wrong just because of a simple drop. Your iPhone could lose […]

Help! My iPhone 7 Charging Port is Broken | What Do I Do?

Jul 30, 2023789 Views

If you had to rate your relationship with your phone, how would you rate it? Most people find it impossible to live without their phones. It’s hard not to, given that society these days is so fast-paced. With a simple click of a picture here and a flying text over there, your life can change […]

From Second-Hand to Second Life: How Long Do Refurbished Macbooks Last?

Jul 15, 20233309 Views

Are you eyeing the new MacBook? Itching to try out all the updated features and test out the improved memory system? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. However, given the rising costs of electronics, that dream could be a little hard to achieve. It’s why more and more people are shifting towards refurbished electronics, getting […]

Is It Cheaper To Fix an iPhone, or Is It Better To Get A New One?

Jun 15, 20231164 Views

iPhones aren’t cheap. You pay a lot of money to get the latest technology. But if there’s one thing you can’t buy, it’s the guarantee that your phone will never face any problems. Whether it’s a shattered screen or a fast-draining battery, it’s common for iPhone users to fall down the pit every now and […]

Top 3 Places Where You Can Sell Old Apple Products

May 30, 20233306 Views

If you’re an Apple user, you know the excitement leading up to the launch of a new product. Be it an iPhone, a Macbook, or even just an iPad, nothing ever misses. Although to stock up and upgrade to the latest Apple product, you need to have a lot of money. And if you are […]