iPad Screen Repair Cost

Mar 15, 2023698 Views

iPads are great for various leisure activities such as browsing the internet, streaming movies, and playing games. However, no matter how careful you are, accidents are inevitable. Do not let a cracked screen can put a damper on your iPad experience. Let’s see how much it costs to repair an iPad screen. What Factors are […]

iPhone Screen Repair Charges

Feb 28, 2023759 Views

Okay, let’s face it; breaking your iPhone screen is a big deal and not something you can just “let be”. If you have nowhere to start and are about to pull your hair off just thinking about the amount your iPhone screen repair would cost, do not fret about it. We are here to help […]

Does Your iPhone Need a Battery Replacement?

Feb 15, 202321 Views

Are you looking for options to get your iPhone battery replaced? Your search for a reliable, expert, and affordable iPhone repair person in Houston, is over because Just Mac is your answer. We strive to help our customers fix their devices in the best possible way. We have a panel of authorized Apple service providers […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Your iPhone Charging Port Is Malfunctioning

Jan 30, 202321 Views

In case your iPhone is not charging while plugged into a power source, it may be due to its port not working. There is a possibility that your iPhone charging port is loose, which is not letting headphones or any other accessories recharge. There are more than one reasons why this can happen; here are […]

11 Ways To Fix an iPhone Not Charging When Plugged In

Jan 15, 202323 Views

If your iPhone is not charging when plugged into a power source, do not just think about getting a battery replacement just yet. First, make sure to know the exact reason for your iPhone not charging and then select the right route. iPhone Not Charging When Plugged Into Power Source – 11 Ways to Fix […]

Where in Houston can I get my MacBook fixed that is affordable & reliable

Dec 30, 202223 Views

If you are in search of an affordable and reliable MacBook repair person in Houston, professionals from Just Mac are your answer. Our vision is to help people fix their devices in the best possible manner. So, if you are in Houston, Tomball, Austin, Conroe, or Cypress and searching for “MacBook Repair near me,” we […]

iPhone Getting Hot When Charging? 10 Ways To Fix It

Dec 15, 202217 Views

In this day and age, our phones are in constant use; we are somewhat powerless without them. That is why the need for our gadgets to be charged up for immediate use is a must. One of the issues that users suffer from is overheating of phones. If your iPhone is getting hot when charging, […]

Macbook Pro 15 inch trade in value

Macbook Pro 15 inch trade in value

Nov 30, 202225 Views

The Refurbished MacBook Pro 15″ is one of the most well-loved laptops from Apple and with excellent reason. The refurbished MacBook pro 15″ is an established brand name that has been around for some time, which means there are plenty of possible MacBook Pro models you might have, all up from the initial MacBook Pro […]