Return Policy

1. Return Window: All returns must be approved prior to being processed. For all inquiries, returns, and/or questions please contact us at info@justmac.com or call at 346-843-5622. We offer a 30-Day return policy and a 6-Month warranty. As long as you are in your 30-Day return window, we will take the item back however, you will be responsible for return shipping. If the item is being returned during the 30-Day return policy window due to a defect, a prepaid label will be issued. If we find that nothing is wrong with the item once the item is received back, the customer will be charged for the cost of the prepaid return label. If the item is still under manufacturer warranty, the device must be taken to the manufacturer for defects.

2. Approval of Return: The Serial number/IMEI of the item that you are trying to send back to us MUST match the item we have sold to you as we track this number to each order. If you are trying to send back an item that is not ours, we will not allow for the return. For Apple phones and tablets, the Find My iPhone feature must be turned off prior to you sending us back the device. All devices are checked for Activation lock prior to being sent out to our customers, and thus, if there is an activation lock on the item, this has been linked to your account. We will check the item for activation lock and send instructions accordingly as to how to remove it. If you are unsuccessful in disabling the Find My iPhone feature, the return will not be accepted. If the item was tampered/altered when received, the return will not be accepted, and the device will be sent back to you as is.

3. Restocking Fee: Restocking fee will not be charged for used or refurbished items. For new items, if item is sent back in the condition it was received (not opened, not activated) a restocking fee will not apply. However, if the item has been opened/used, a 15% restocking fee will apply.

4. 1-Year Limited Warranty Coverage: If devices starts to malfunction and has mechanical issues, for example, the volume button stops working, or the camera stops working, this is covered in our 6-Month warranty. If there is an issue with the device, please contact us and we will either fix the issue, or replace your device.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Accidental Damage (if you crack your phone, we will not replace the screen for you)
  • Damages caused by misuse/abuse/external factors.
  • Cosmetic wear and tear
  • Liquid Damage is not covered.
  • Warranty will be void and item will be returned back to you AS IS if:
  • Accidental damage has caused the phone to malfunction
  • Product has been jailbroken
  • Product has been altered
  • Product has come into contact with liquid