Can You Get an iPhone XR Back Glass Replacement?

August 30, 2023

No matter how dearly you hold your beloved iPhone XR, accidents are bound to happen. Your phone could have slipped out of your pocket, landing face-first on the rock-hard pavement. Or perhaps you bumped into someone while using your phone, causing your grip on it to loosen.

No matter the cause, seeing the cracked screen of your iPhone XR can be incredibly heart-shattering, especially if both the front screen and the back glass were damaged in the process. At most, you could be due for an iPhone XR back glass replacement. But don’t worry. In this blog, we have put together everything you need to know after suffering from a broken iPhone XR screen, so make sure to keep on reading.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Screen On An iPhone XR?

The cost to repair a broken glass screen of an iPhone XR depends on the severity of the crack. For instance, if the entire LCD panel is shattered, it could cost you more in comparison to a minor crack. However, if the back glass screen of your iPhone screen is destroyed, it might cost more. To get an exact quote, it is best to visit your local phone repair specialist. Nevertheless, you can expect the total cost of an iPhone XR screen replacement to be somewhere around $130 to $300. For back glass replacement, though, the price could range up to $100 to $200.

Why Is My iPhone XR Screen Flickering?

If your iPhone is suddenly acting up, with its screen flickering or the display being discolored, you might be in need of a screen replacement. When you drop your iPhone XR, the fall could likely affect the LCD panel, making it appear broken and glitchy.

How To Tell If Your iPhone XR Screen Is Broken?

While you might think identifying a broken iPhone XR screen is easy, it can sometimes be confusing. However, if the phone’s screen starts malfunctioning and glitching, that’s all the sign you need to get it replaced. Moreover, a screen with a broken touch panel will make your iPhone XR unresponsive. The only way to restore its functionality then is to get the screen repaired.

Why Is My iPhone XR Not Responding To My Touch?

It’s quite common for your iPhone XR’s touch to be affected if it suffers from a fall. The reason it gets disrupted is because of a damaged LCD panel. An iPhone’s screen is composed of two separate elements: the glass screen and the LCD display.

During a fall or accident, if the glass screen gets smashed, it could leave the LCD vulnerable. And since it is responsible for reacting to your touch, the entire operation could malfunction. Getting the screen of your iPhone XR replaced is an easy way to recover the touch sensitivity feature.

Closing Words

Your initial reaction after dropping your iPhone XR might be to check if the phone is still working normally or if there are any signs of injury. However, if the glass screen appears to be shattered and the back glass is also in need of a replacement, do not wait around. Contact Just Mac to get it patched up immediately.