How Much Does it Cost to Fix The Screen on an iPhone X?

August 15, 2023

There’s no scarier feeling in the world than dropping your brand-new iPhone X, screen first, on a cold, hard floor. You might feel like your heart is caving in, the fear and uncertainty taking over. After all, there is a lot that can go wrong just because of a simple drop. Your iPhone could lose all its vivid colors, resulting in a pitch-black screen, or you might end up with a cracked LCD altogether. Despite the severity of the damages, it is essential to get the device fixed as soon as possible.

However, if you are skeptical of where to get your device fixed and when is the right time to do it, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! In this blog, you will find the answers to all your tech-related problems and more. So, let’s get to it.

How to Tell if Your iPhone X Screen is Broken?

You would think that a broken iPhone screen would be easier to take note of, but that’s not exactly true. Software damage can sometimes make it hard to tell if the screen is affected or not. Here are a few instances that signify your iPhone X screen is broken.

  • Your iPhone isn’t responding to touch.
  • The glass screen is cracked and shattered.
  • There are vertical lines across the display.
  • You see weird black or white spots appearing on the screen.
  • The phone starts glitching, then goes back to normal for a few seconds before glitching again.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix The Screen on an iPhone X?

Depending on the severity of the damaged screen, the cost to repair an iPhone might vary. Usually, the price ranges from $100 to $500. This is because a simple glass screen replacement will not be as costly compared to an internal LCD scarring.

Nevertheless, to make sure you’re getting the right quote, reach out to your local phone repair expert and consult them for more information. However, choosing the right repair person is of utmost importance; always make sure to do your research before handing your phone off to a stranger.

What Do You Do If Your iPhone X Screen is Black?

If your iPhone X suddenly goes black, with no other color working on the display, it is a sign that the screen is damaged. Rather than losing hope, bring your phone to a repair expert and have the professionals take a look. Then, based on the issue, they will provide you with the cost to repair your iPhone X, bringing it back to life.

Closing Words

All in all, if your iPhone X is glitching or has recently suffered from hardware damage, don’t brush it away. Get it repaired immediately to avoid further problems. All you have to do is contact Just Mac for more information on repairs and services. Our expert technicians will do their best to help you out and offer the best solutions to your queries.