iPhone Getting Hot When Charging? 10 Ways To Fix It

December 15, 2022

In this day and age, our phones are in constant use; we are somewhat powerless without them. That is why the need for our gadgets to be charged up for immediate use is a must. One of the issues that users suffer from is overheating of phones. If your iPhone is getting hot when charging, it may be due to processor dysfunction or other issues.

Top 10 Reasons Your iPhone Is Getting Hot While Charging – How To Fix Them.

Typically, this should not happen. If the surrounding temperature is high, your iPhone is bound to get hot too, but if you notice no change in the surroundings, it is a warning sign.

  1. Your charging cable or adapter is damaged.
    If the charging cable or adapter is damaged, it may cause your iPhone to get hot while charging. The reason is that the adapter is not able to effectively transfer power to your phone, causing it to work harder hence overheating while charging.

    Solution: It’s quite simple: replace your charger with a new one, and do not leave it on for hours. Keep a check on it.

  2. iPhone is charging too slowly
    If your iPhone is charging slowly, it can also be one of the reasons for your phone to get hot.

    Solution: try a different charger, check for updates or reset your phone.

  3. Battery damage
    If the battery in the iPhone is impaired, it leads to the phone getting hot while charging. The reason is that its faulty battery can’t hold a charge as efficiently as a healthy one, which can cause the phone to work harder and generate heat.

    Solution: opt for iPhone battery replacement or repair by authorized vendors.

  4. 4. Your iPhone is kept in a hot environment:
    If your phone is in a room that is hotter than normal, your gadget will overheat while charging. This is because the heat in the environment affects the phone to heat up.

    Solution: Try to charge it in a well-ventilated area.

  5. Using Phone while it’s on charge:
    If you have the habit of using your iPhone while it is charging, no wonder why it’s getting hot. The reason is that your phone is using power from the charger while it is also using power to run apps and perform other tasks, which generates considerable heat.

    Solution: you know what to do; give it a rest!

  6. 6. The iPhone charger is not compatible with the phone
    If the charger you are using is incompatible with your iPhone, it will get hot while charging. This happens because the charger is unable to effectively transfer power to your gadget, causing it to work harder and generate heat.

    Solution: Get to your nearby iPhone store and buy the most compatible adapter/charger.

  7. 7. Your iPhone is running multiple apps in the background:
    It uses power to run the apps, generating heat.

    Solution: close the background apps manually.

  8. Dust or debris inside:
    Dust or debris can overheat your phone by blocking the flow of air inside, which results in heat up.

    Solution: Do not use a wipe cloth to clean the jack; instead use gentle force air to lure the particles out.

  9. Case blocking the vents:
    Make sure you use a case that has appropriate areas to vent the heat generated by the phone.

Final Words

There might be a chance that your iPhone is not working because of a hardware issue that cant be resolved by yourself. In that case, please reach out to authorized apple vendors for help Just Mac in Texas can be of help. Dial (888) 470 5622 to connect with us.