How Much Would Replacement of Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Cost With and Without Apple Care?

April 15, 2023

Some things are inevitable and unpreventable; just like accidents, they happen. But a shattered screen is nothing less than a nightmare when it comes to our iPhones. Using a dying phone and thinking about the repair cost is frustrating! Well, if you are unfortunate enough to have dropped your iPhone 14 Pro Max and are searching for a screen replacement cost guide, this blog can help.

In this piece of writing, we have detailed the costs of repairing an iPhone 14 Pro Max screen in USD and your options for doing so through Apple or an Apple-approved repair facility.

How Much Does iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Replacement Cost?

Money and the service charge are the deciding factors for some people when they want to decide on getting a screen repair.

In this economic crunch, many people took the liberty of using the great discounts from the cell carriers in the U.S. and got a new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Those people may not want to spend a fortune on repairing their screens until it is damaged to the extent that the device is no longer in use.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Replacement Cost By Apple

The approximate prices to fix each iPhone 14 model are given below.

Cost with AppleCare +

  • iPhone 14 – $ 29
  • iPhone 14 Plus – $ 29
  • iPhone 14 Pro – $ 29
  • iPhone 14 Max – $ 29

Without AppleCare+

  • iPhone 14 – $ 279
  • iPhone 14 Plus – $ 329
  • iPhone 14 Pro – $ 329
  • iPhone 14 Max – $ 379

Cost of Apple Authorized Service Providers For iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Repair

If you do not have AppleCare+, the amount can be a real dent in your pocket. But what about authorized service providers? Do they charge the same amount, or are the costs less comparatively?

Well, these dealers have the expertise to deal intricately with your iPhone, just like Apple reps themselves; they cost somewhat the same.

All in all, you may pay the equivalent of what Apple charges; however, it saves you time and effort to reach the flagship stores where these dealers are scattered throughout and are more convenient to reach.

Are You Looking For Something Even Lesser?

You might choose to work with private 3rd party technicians and repair facilities. They are usually less expensive.

One nearby, for instance, will charge $150 to replace an iPhone 13 screen. Contrast that to Apple’s $279. However, we would still not advise using these services. Yet, there are undoubtedly some good ones as well. Simply do your research first.

Can You Ask AppleCare Warranty that comes with the iPhone To Cover The Damage?

If you have a brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple provides a 1-year limited warranty. However, this is limited to quality and hardware flaws. You cannot get your screen repaired with it because it does not cover any unintentional damage.

Closing Note

Save your time and effort while getting a screen replacement for your broken iPhone 14 Pro Max. Get in touch with Just Mac and get an affordable estimate for your device.