How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Macbook Air Screen?

April 30, 2023

The feeling when you finally have your new MacBook Air is unmatchable — the new device is loaded with better features, an enhanced user interface, and an overall new design than the last MacBook device. So, did you get your new MacBook Air, filled with hopes of exploring seamlessly on this new device? Not to forget — with Activity Stream, you have a better prospect of managing all your tasks in a more convenient manner!

Imagine having the best time with your MacBook Air— only for the screen to start malfunctioning. Maybe you dropped it or, perhaps, scratched it in another way. No matter who the culprit is, the result is the same: a damaged screen. But worry not! You can always opt for a MacBook Air screen replacement. So, that raises the question: How much does it cost to replace a MacBook Air screen?? To answer, generally, replacing the Apple MacBook Air might cost between $450 and $650. Carry on reading to learn more!

Cost of Replacing MacBook Air Screen

If the screen of your MacBook Air needs replacement, the price might vary depending on whether you have Apple Care or not. With no Apple Care plan, you will have to pay from $450 to $650 for the service. However, the cost is only $99 if you do have an Apple Care Plus plan.

Considerations Before Choosing a Repair Shop

Although MacBook Air is a durable device, a broken screen is still possible. So if you’re looking for a MacBook Air screen replacement, there are many shops available nowadays. However, it is extremely important to choose the right shop if you’re not going to the Apple Store. Below, we will list the important things to consider before choosing a shop and paying the cost of replacing the MacBook Air screen:

  • Learn if the store has a good reputation by talking to people you know and checking online reviews.
  • You can tell if the shop is a suitable fit for you if the staff is friendly and knowledgeable — your comfort matters.
  • Get a few quotes and compare to see if the cost of MacBook Air screen repair they offer is higher or way too low than the other stores.
  • If the shop offers a warranty, you can be at mental peace knowing that you are covered in case a problem occurs in the future.
  • Make sure to investigate how data privacy will be treated and if you are okay with the process. The shop may log in to your computer as a part of their fixing process, which you may not be okay with.
  • Consider the turnaround time and if you can work with that.

How to Keep Your MacBook Air Screen Safe

MacBook Air has made it easy for everyone to perform their tasks; whether you are a student or a professional, the design of the powerful machine is preferred by everyone. Therefore, you should take good care of the screen to keep it from breaking in the first place.

Some ways you can ensure that include the following:

  • Apply a screen protector
  • Be cautious about what you put on or around your computer.
  • Make sure not to put your MacBook Air at the edge or in places that increase the possibility of it getting kicked over.
  • Regularly clean the screen of your Apple device
  • Hold the laptop carefully when moving it from one place to another.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, it costs around $450 to $650 to replace the screen of a MacBook Air without Apple Care and $99 with a warranty. Make sure you choose an authorized shop or go to the Apple store for such procedures.

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