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Apple MAcbook pro 15 inch 2.8 Ghz Core i7
Apple MAC OS X 10.12.5

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Apple Macbook 15 Inch Core i7 (MPTR2LL/A )
Power Adapter Included


Slim Design
Apple has always been a remarkable product when it comes to design, the slim edges with Aluminium body is a complete masterpiece, the 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro is the slimmest and thinnest laptop, its unique design and body has been further enhanced by the removable disk plates that make the maintenance easy. The refurbished 15-inch Macbook pro is in a good condition with a scratch-less body and clean surface

Mesmerizing Display
The display of this 15 Inch refurbished MacBook pro is placed with IPS technology, a technology that enhances the color quality of the screen and helps the viewers to enjoy a nice experience, this particular feature introduced in the 15-inch MacBook Pro is very satisfying for the users as its limits the twist turns in colors that are very harmful to the eyesight. DG (2880×1800) Display elucidates the color quality for a better vision, it has been handled properly and was used for professional purposes only.

Sporty processor with turbo boost
The 2.8 GHz processor of this 15 inch MacBook pro is amazingly fast and handles multiple applications at a great speed, the machine works on a multi-tasking mode, which stabilizes the heat function and provides good process distribution. The machines can be upgraded to the 3.8 GHz processor.

Long-Lasting Battery.
Batteries have a certain cycle, they have to be changed after a certain period, even if you fully charge the battery, the battery will give you not more than half-day, you have to recharge it again that means a fully charged battery has to be charged every day even if it is used half-day, but Apple, for the past few years, have been working swiftly on the battery performance and its timing and certainly has put up this extraordinary performance to Macbook pro.
The 15 inches refurbished Macbook pro we offer has a very promising battery life with an average timing of 10 hours, which is undoubtedly the finest of Apple’s inventions, moreover, the machine is used with care that can be further used for a long time.

Fine Keyboard with Extended Features.
Apple has maintained the promise of delivering Quality keyboards in the market since the day one, the advancement brought to the MacBook pro 15 inches in the past decade has widely changed as the material used is very brawny, it is highly demanded among the clients, the keyboard contains “backlit” and smooth keys. The refurbished MacBook pro has a good keyboard with extensive features and wide design.

Apple macOS x 10.12.5
As the early models of MacBook, Apple developed its operating system based on its old building structure, but for the new Macbook Pro, Apple has upgraded its operating software from Mac to MacOS Lion. The ultimate features in this system are great. The photo recognition as per Apple has been more optimized, iTunes has been redesigned, and Apple pay has been launched to Safari for communicating in a better way with the applications.